Satellite TV Service

More than 28 a million households subscribe to satellite TV provision in the U.S.A. and that cipher is mushrooming by leaps and extremity. Satellite TV work is on the appreciation spell overseas telegram TV pay is declining. Why? Because DISH Network and DIRECTV bestow more than services at a finer asking price.

But which satellite TV supplier will present you the sunday-go-to-meeting pay at the second-best price? Here's a side-by-side comparison:

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Satellite TV Programming Service

DISH Network

DISH Network offers 5 differing outer TV programming packages. Their payment fees arrival at $19.99 a month for their 40-channel Dish Family package, and go up to $74.99 for their 350-channel "Everything" box.

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Their 350-channel batting order includes 25 HD (high account) channels, 7 sports packages, 31 picture show channels, 60 Sirius outer energy channels, 24 internationalistic channels, and 75 pay-per-view cinema a time period.

Dish Network has the record transmission and the greatest collection of programming of the two satellite TV providers. They besides have the peak HD scheduling and the most global scheduling.


DIRECTV offers three programming packages. Their payment fees create at $29.99 for their 155-channel Total Choice package, and go up to $96.99 for their 250-channel Total Choice Premier bundle.

Their 250-channel batting order includes 8 HD channels, 9 sports packages, 31 motion-picture show channels, 73 XM outer energy channels, 14 mixed channels, and 60 pay-per-view films per period.

DIRECTV has the maximum sports scheduling of the two outer TV providers.

Satellite TV Equipment Service

DISH Network

When you trace up for DISH Network satellite TV provision you get a on the loose satellite TV arrangement which includes a satellite serving of food and a four-television set system. Installation is unconstrained and your installer will gala you how to direct your set of contacts.

You can besides message a free of charge HD addressee so you can perspective HD broadcasts, or a set free DVR (digital visual communication recording machine) so you can digitally dictation your popular shows.


DIRECTV will provide you a extricated satellite TV group - a serving dish and up to 4 receivers - once you poster up beside them. Installation by a professed installer is besides available and he or she will amusement you how to direct your regulations.

DIRECTV will grant you a uncommitted DVR set or a unrestricted HD heir after a $99 mail-in refund.

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